Advergaming is becoming the latest rage in advertising and marketing. Companies and brands are now turning to this form of advertising more often to use in conjunction with more traditional forms of advertising. However, this type of advertising is not new. It has been suggested that an early form of “advergaming” has been around since the early 1980s. The term “advergames” was first coined in Wired Magazine’s “Jargon Watch” column. The three types of advergaming include the placement of games within a website to increase traffic, a game created specifically for an advertising purpose, and product placement in games.

Companies such as Ad4game facilitate advertisers, publishers, and developers with various ways to monetize their gaming platform. There are tons of other companies specifically dedicated to advergaming such as Gamelin, Arkadium, and Visioneering Games — among others. These companies provide technological services in the creation, sourcing, and marketing of advergames. In 2013, Chiptole partnered with Moonbot Studios to produce an animated film and mobile game that cleverly promote its Food with Integrity campaign. The campaign was highly successful. The game was featured as one of the top 15 free iOS applications on the US iOS app store.


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