Can You Keep Up?

In the words of the great music group Destiny’s Child, “can you keep up”? Facebook has been around since 2011 and some companies have not updated their Facebook strategy since then! Product developer, HootSuite, offers some advice on its website for optimizing your strategy. First, HootSuite addresses the issue with utilizing a personal Facebook page for your company. Not only is it against Facebook’s Terms of Services, but also there are many advantages for using a professional page versus a personal page. Professional pages are especially geared towards the marketing of a brand or company. Therefore, it offers special features that assist in the execution and evaluation of social media marketing strategies and tactics; for example, the free analytics that are offered. They allow the companies to measure the success of their campaigns, demographics of users, and their reach. Another tip is to create content connected to current events because it tends to be more visible – especially with the use of hash tags.

With the innovation of new social sites, Facebook adapts to stay relevant. The site must do what it does best as well as what the new sites do. Therefore, we have seen Facebook evolve over the years from the adoption of hash tags and the Twitter-known verified accounts to the new Facebook video app, “Slingshot.” It is its form of video chatting inspired by the new social app Snapchat. I see a lot of my peers utilizing the site. However, I did not realize how quick brands were going to hop on the bandwagon.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 10.52.49 AM

Because new media is always evolving, great marketers must stay abreast of the new technology. It only provides them with new and better ways to connect with their audience.


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